10 suggestions for buying

1. Not always the "DIY" is a good and quick solution; It could lead to a big loss of time and money. The sale was first of all an action of contract with technical and legal implications.

2. Established as much as possible the parameters of your request, thus optimizing the times and know the results.

3. Expose to the agent who can assist your needs, not only typological but also on how, when and why of your purchase.

4. In case you need to apply for a mortgage loan, the speech addressed immediately. Made, if possible, analysis with your bank (predelibera).

5. Ensure the existence and regularity of all the technical conditions of the property, in particular the existence of the relevant certificates.

6. Before you pay the deposit to the seller, do provide the consultant commissioned the necessary investigations on the legal situation of the property (acts of origin, mortgages, enforcement proceedings).

7. If you buy property in a condominium complex, ask about the rules, the management fees and extraordinary expenses on work already performed or to be performed.

8. When I went to visit a property, please feel free to check the physical characteristics of the property according to your needs.

9. Ask calmly during the various steps of purchase.

10 .Remember that there is no ideal home to 100%. Therefore reasoned on the basis of priorities and motivations of your purchase.

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