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Why choose Spain?

Andalusia is a land with a charm that does not know the passage of time, thanks to the golden towers, churches, mosques, flower gardens; but also because of its unique culture, the result of a continuous succession of contrasts. It 'a region that knows how to focus on its climate and its sea dream to attract travelers and tourists from around the world, but always preserving the tradition, the history that has made wonderful borderland between oceans, continents and cultures.

Andalusia has become in recent years one of the most complete tourist destinations and demands of the world. Through the wide range and diversity of its tourist offer as well as its climate, its hotels and hospitality of the people have made it a perfect destination for every possible need. In Andalusia you can play every day in a different golf course, from Seville to Marbella up to Sotogrande. In addition to playing golf on the best courses in the region, not to mention all that this land has to offer: culture, wellness, kilometers and kilometers of beaches, horse racing, sailing, restaurants, entertainment and shopping.
Andalusia occupies the first place among the regions of Spain as a tourist destination for golf. It owns more than 100 fields, which correspond to 29% of the Spanish total supply, and is the region that has seen the most growth in this area.

Today, Andalusia is a modern community with major infrastructure that knows efficiently receive millions of visitors from around the world who every year go there. But, despite the modernization and his stay in step with the times, it is still very careful to preserve the roots and its impressive cultural and monumental heritage.

To reach the Andalucia you can choose to land with direct flight in one of the local airports in Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Malaga, Almeria and Jerez.Ricordando that enough little more 'than two and a half hours to get there from Italy.

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