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Requirements and Conditions

L'IMMOBILIARE.COM® Luxury & International offers professional real estate agents the innovative Business Networking contract dedicated to the Luxury sector: the real alternative to real estate franchising. A flexible, clear and transparent contract without significant obligations or constraints, which enhances the ethics and professionalism of those who have chosen to be part of our Network to dedicate themselves to the Luxury Real Estate sector.


  • The Luxury Gold - Member formula
  • The Luxury Gold - Partner formula
  • The Luxury Silver formula (reserved exclusively for Members of the L' network)


  • Qualification for the activity of Business Agent in Mediation (mandatory)
  • Establishment of a legal entity suitable to operate in the sector (mandatory)
  • Age not less than 35 years (preferential)
  • Experience not less than 10 years (preferential)


  • No particular conditions of the premises or furnishings are required, if in line with the Gray-Gold color scheme of our logo-brand
  • The premises must be well-kept, pleasant and welcoming, as well as being preferably clearly visible


  • Renewable three-year duration
  • No entrance fees
  • Early withdrawal 12 months in advance without penalty
  • Use of the Luxury site is mandatory
  • Use of "recommended" software
  • No non-competition agreement after the termination of the relationship
  • No Istat adjustment



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