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Why choose the United States?

In 2014 Italians bought nearly 5,000 apartments between New York and Miami, with great investment revaluation. The annual growth of the properties' value has remained constantly increasing, thanks to good policy and exclusivity of the two cities.

These two cities have no market just for big rich but for all those who are tired of investing in a real estate market steadily depreciating and with few protections. The properties in the USA were re-evaluated and re-evaluated today, the owners are protected and the sale takes place in a relatively short time compared to our standards. Both in New York and Miami demand for leases it is very high, and very importantly the owners enjoy an enviable legal security.

Some Reasons ...
To exchange Euro / Dollar favorable
High returns of investment property
the simple purchase procedures, economic and that can be accomplished entirely from Italy
There is no tax on real estate income for individuals

Role and "weight estate agent".
In the US, the agent, or realtor, working specifically for one of the parties. Almost never, in fact, the same professional works by seller simultaneously (seller) and purchaser (buyer) in the sale of a property '. The seller works with the listing agent and the buyer with the buyers agent. Under American law, the agent, while respecting the code of ethics that prevents him from wrongdoing, does basically the interests of either party. More 'than 95% of transactions is through agents who are an ever-present figure in a sale.

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