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Why buy on the French Riviera | France

The French Riviera is 130 kilometers, running between Menton and Saint-Tropez, with beautiful beaches and villages of the Maritime Alps, cliffs overlooking the sea, romantic bays and marinas full of yachts.
That of the French Riviera is a two-speed market. The luxury villas, and the wide and affordable offering that includes detached houses (medium size villas and typically Provençal houses) and apartments within the city overlooking the sea.
France remains today, one of the destinations most 'sought to have a second home abroad. Buying a house in France is a choice it meets the 'palates and pear tastes more' demanding. You have the option to choose between city full of culture and art, rivers of great charm, beautiful beaches and green hills.
The real estate market on the Cote d'Azur is growing again. The prices that had suffered sharp declines are coming back at very attractive levels. The observatory of FNAIM 06 indicates how the indices are bringing back to the 2008 data.
The cities most affected by this would be Nice, Antibes and Cannes, a little 'more' in trouble 'shooting other areas of the coast.

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